Paris & Co is the innovation and economic development agency of the Paris metropolitan area supported by the city. It accelerate the development of French and international startups.

The agency supports more than 400 startups divided in 12 areas (tourism, food, sport…) and is present in 15 innovative platforms in Paris.

This project was conducted in 2 weeks with the support of 3 members of the transversal team of Paris & Co , heads of startup development.

The brief

Currently, Startups receive once a week a newsletter with the next events form Transversal team (Workshops, Office hours with experts, Academies…) for the…

A wellness app about meditation and sleep improvement.

The health and wellness industry has been experiencing immense disruption due to advancements in technology these past years and the Wellness Institute want to support a new mobile app to support wellbeing. This project is a proposal of a call for projects*.

With my UX UI designer partner Anne Moreno, we conducted in two weeks researches and prototype to create an MVP following these principles:

  • The relevance of the solution according to user needs
  • The thoroughness & completeness of the functionalities
  • The overall design desirability
  • The versatility of your design system (to…

Adding a new feature on Mapstr app

About Mapstr

Mapstr is a french mobile app created in 2014 by Sébastien Caron which lets you create a personal map with all of your favorite places (restaurants, hotels, museum…) anywhere in the world that you can sort by personalized tags. You have access to every details in one touch: pictures, opening hours, website, contact number… And your map is always private unless you choose to share it with others and have access to your friends map.

In 2019, Mapstr claims nearly 1.5 million active users — 40% of them outside France — each with, according to the creator, around a hundred…


For few years, food e-commerce is booming, the market will double again by 2025. Carrefour launched its first drive in 2011 but its platform must evolve according to user needs. The reality of online grocery shopping is that it’s supposed to be easier but it’s much more complicated and platforms needs to improve a lot.

The purpose of this UX project was about improving the usability and desirability of Carrefour online grocery shopping platform.

The team (3 UX/UI designers) decided to use the Design thinking process to achieve this goal, find pain points and solutions to these through the following…

Challenge 1: Design Thinking

For the first project of Ironhack Prework, we need to use Design thinking process to solve a problem with the Citymapper App. Our task is to create a feature for this app that solves the pain of having to purchase different public transport tickets by different channels.

1. Citymapper, the public transportation app

Citymapper, “The ultimate transport App” is a public transport application offering all the possibilities to move in a city, the fastest, the easiest, the cheapest way. Then, you choose the one you which suits you.

Implemented in more than 50 cities worldwide, it started in 2011 in…

As a second challenge during the Ironhack Prework, I had to create wireframes from the app of my choice on Figma.

I think Lydia is one of the best latest apps created and one that I use the most often.

I decided to work on the flow which send money to someone because it’s a real invention to me. We no longer have to send our bank details to people to whom we owe money or who owe us money. Everything is simpler and faster and the decisions of who pays for who is much more spontaneous.

I did 4 Wireframes for the action of sending money to someone we owe money. I used all UI components: buttons, dropdowns, text input fields, toggles, etc

Check that:

Clara Oz

UX/UI designer debutant, music and pastry enthusiatic

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